Erik-Jan de With graduated with distinction from the Royal Conservatory of The Hague in 2005 under the tutelage of Leo van Oostrom  and David Kweksilber.


He is co-founder of Ensemble Klang formed in 2003. Presenting innovative programmes, their commissioning of work from some of the most exciting composers working today, and the inception of their own record label has seen them quickly rise to become "one of the top ensembles " (NRC Handelsblad) in the Netherlands’ rich contemporary music scene.


Dedicated to a new generation of composers, Ensemble Klang continue to build a repertoire of bold, uncompromising works. The unique yet versatile instrumentation - ranging from a quiet, fragile intimacy to the punchy power of a big-band - has attracted composers including Heiner Goebbels, Tom Johnson, Martijn Padding, Phill Niblock, Jacob ter Veldhuis, Kate Moore, Jan-Bas Bollen, Oscar Bettison and Peter Adriaansz.


His quartet The Hague Saxophone Quartet (formerly Python saxophone quartet) have won the prestigious Concours Vandoren, and have worked with artists from many different backgrounds including; ao Ilya Pfeiffer (poet), the Gents, Johan Zomer, Jeroen Willems (actor), Paul Koek (theater), Hartley Hall (filmmaker) and Marije Nie (Tap Dancer). The world renowned Dutch composer Louis Andriessen wrote the opera Inanna for the quartet.



Erik-Jan performs regularly across the Netherlands and internationally with many Dutch orchestras and ensembles. Cities include; New York, Princeton, Valencia, Madrid, Ghent, Antwerp, Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Cologne, London, Cambridge, Brno, and Prague.


Under his leadership as founder and artistic director the Westland Saxophone Festival has grown into one of the largest saxophone festivals in the Netherlands held every two years.




New Release

Presence of Absence - Oscar Bettison

releases September 10, 2021



New member of the Ereprijs

Orkest de Ereprijs performs works by living composers, as well as interdisciplinary projects by a diverse group of creators in genres such as dance, theatre and film. We commission young composers with professional pieces for our orchestra and perform these in The Netherlands and internationally, in order to support young talent. So far, we have commissioned over four hundred compositions. Our assignments and concerts are often multidisciplinary, involving singers, instrumentalists, electronic art, dance, theatre and film.


Ensemble Klang 
Follow - Igor C. Silva's

23 oktober 2021

Korzotheater, den Haag

A multimedia performance work featuring Stephanie Pan by Igor C. Silva (music & video) & Aaron Landsman (text)


Westland Saxofoon Orkest 

30 oktober 2021

Solisten Rolf Delfos & Loeki

Muziek van o.a. Licks & Brains

Aanvang 20.00 uur

De Noviteit, Monster

Ensemble Klang  OCCAM HEXA V

Orkest de Ereprijs

04 november 2021 

November Music, Den Bosch, Netherlands

021A new work in the expansive OCCAM series, OCCAM HEXA V is created for Ensemble Klang by Éliane Radigue & Carol Robinson


07 november 2021

CODA Museum, Apeldoorn

Aanvang: 16.00 uur


Calliope Tsoupaki - Thin Air

Calliope Tsoupaki - En Plo

Thanakarn Schofield - (Un)-Chained II

Rosie Tee - Propel





PiercedDavid Lang
00:00 / 15:46
The Writers Dance - Live 24 bitDouwe Eisenga
00:00 / 05:50
Distance - John De Simone duoJohn De Simone
00:00 / 03:13
Glass & Friends Melkweg The PhotographerArtist Name
00:00 / 09:34